İN-TEK which was established in 2001 in order to fulfill quality control needs of the companies in the construction sector, serves in soil mechanic and construction equipments. According to the 4708 law of the Building Audit and the regulation of “Application of Building Audit and its Methods and Principles” which was legislated by the law, from the ground tests which are done in ground studies in the beginning, to the construction equipments such as aggregate, concrete, steel and other equipments must conform the project value and related standards must be determined. TSE certificates which are taken by the production companies are not enough for each production. Because the productions of these companies must be tested and certificated for their conformity to the standards, regulations and specifications. Because of this, samples must be taken from all used or to be used party productions in order to be tested for quality control.

One must not forget that our country is in the earthquake zone. To reduce loss of lives and properties to the minimum, with a healthy applicable auditing system, we believe in constructing and designing disaster resistant and safe buildings.

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