Our main principles accept and undertake to be error-free, independent, honest and reliable, without swerving from national and international standards and regulations. In order to provide the best service by using the most up to date technological developments, with a Quality Management System which adopts customer satisfaction principle, believing in the constant development philosophy and with our experienced specialist staff ;

“ QUALITY IN SERVICE, PERSISTANCE IN QUALITY ” is our main and indispensable policy.


Being a respected and Leader Company in our company and in its sector by providing high service quality, using advanced technologies.


Since its foundation, our company which has aimed to reach the perfection, quality and reliability, has always been serving according to these notions. Being one of the most comprehensive and equipped laboratories about soil and construction equipments, we still continue to develop ourselves in order to fulfil the needs of our country. Our company which puts customer satisfaction to the forefront and adopted the international quality management system has earned a positive image with its technological advance and specialist stuff. We recognize our responsibility, and our struggle of constantly developing ourselves and providing better service continue.


  • Keeping work ethics as a priority; "Being Reliable",
  • Producing god quality works,
  • Using highest standards in work safety and technical safety,
  • Being sensitive to expectations of the enterprises, associations, institutions and clients that we cooperate,
  • Being a firm that employees feel proud to be a part of,
  • Being sensitive to human and environment.


Placing customer satisfaction at the forefront of its principles, İN-TEK Quality Control INC. has established and began applying ISO 9001 : 2000 Quality Management System for its “ Tests and Experiments for Fresh And Hardened (Core) Concrete, Construction Materials and Soil as well as Engineering, Consultancy Services for İnfrastructure and Superstructure Construction Projects”.



Being a company aware of its social responsibilities, İN-TEK Quality Control INC. creates necessary environments for its employees to ensure that they perform their work in the best manner. To this end, İN-TEK Quality Control INC., attaching special importance to the issues of worker health and safety at work, has developed and put in place organizational and technical policies to provide worker health and safety at the maximum level for all İN-TEK Quality Control INC. and subcontractor personnel.

The İN-TEK Quality Control INC. Health and Safety Policy stipulate compliance with the relevant laws and regulations of the country where it is located as well as international laws applicable in this regard. Rules of Health and Safety are communicated to all employees, and applications are inspected.

Training sessions are held in order to develop the awareness on health and safety and to ensure that the rules are adopted.


Attaching utmost interest in environmental pollution that emerges as one of the most important problems of our era as a consequence of the developing technology, İN-TEK Quality Control INC.;

  • Commits itself to the improvement and protection of environment,
  • Complies with the relevant laws and practices of the countries where it carries out activities,
  • Avoids all actions that shall result in environmental and natural damage, and guides its customers, suppliers, employees, and its business partners to avoid the same,
  • Employs care in the selection of materials and technology used by it for a more aesthetic, cleaner and viable environment, and convinces its customers and business partners to use environmentally friendly products,
  • Contributes to social activities regarding the development of environmental awareness, and
  • Tries to determine in advance those actions that are harmful to nature, and take measures.
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