Our company provides Engineering and Consultancy services besides Quality Control and Lab. services. Our company, not only with its technical staff but also with its areas of expertises, has the necessary experience and equipments.

Our Board of Directors and Cofounders :

  • Fahrettin KARAKÖSE, Civil Engineer (Click for CV)
  • Ali İhsan YILDIRIM, Civil Engineer (Click for CV)
  • M.Kubilay KARAKÖSE, Civil Engineer, M.Sc. (Click for CV)

and other Civil Engineers and Geology Engineers who are highly experienced in their areas, have the necessary knowledge and expertise in these spheres of business below;

Engineering and Consultancy Services in Dam and HEPP (Hydroelectric Power Plant), Irrigation, Flood Control and other water structures. 

Engineering and Lab. Services related to the tests of Earthquake resistancy level of the current reinforced concrete buildings according to the present earthquake regulations. 

Engineering, Consultancy and Quality Control services in other infrastructure projects as Dam, Pond, Road, Airport, Reinforced Concrete, Construction Materials and Ground Works are provided.

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