» A philosophy
» Conformity to the recognised wishes
» Taking precautions
» Not swerving from main principles
» Lasts for a lifetime
» Loyalty
» A concept which is supported by the senior management
» A positive attitude
» An agreement
» Being willing to communicate
» Understanding the process of the work you carry out.
» Determining the points which may cause errors earlier.


» Fait Accompli
» For them to say it is good
» Only control
» The attitude of " We really came close"
» A motivation program
» Something which is determined coincidently
» A watchman mentality
» Doing things which is only specific to you
» A bunch of hidden information
» Is not to assume
» "Pointing out the mistakes which come out after the production "


» Fulfilling customers' wishes and expectations exceedingly
» Doing the right first time and each time
» Working together with the customers by focussing on them
» Working together as a team
» Solving problems in an order - acting according to the reality
» Providing error-free system and processes
» Struggling to constant development

What is Quality?

Quality Control for IN-TEK

Audit for IN-TEK

Why Should The Buildings Be Inspected?

Mechanical Properties of Concrete Steel Bars

Concrete Classes, and Core Compressive Strenght

Compressive Strength Classes for Normal and High Strenght Concrete

Concrete Quality Control Requirements

Calculation Methods

Earthquake Strength

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