Our country is situated on one of the geographies where there are destructive earthquakes frequently occur on earth. Considering geological and tectonic status, unfortunately it is not possible to “escape” from the fact of earthquake. Yet, maybe it is possible to “prevent” this fact instead of “escaping”. Also it should be remembered that preventing is always cheaper and more humane than paying. Significant developments which are produced in science and technology field enabled new opportunities that can resist the destructive power of the earthquake. This is also one of the reasons of the existence of engineering concept.

Local authorities and technical personnel, especially government, have great liabilities for preventing the disasters and minimising their damages in our country. It has to be remembered that no matter how advanced the scientific and technical means we have, these have a meaning only when they are used correctly and where ethic principles are implemented. In order to make this possible, it is necessary to establish a true and effective quality control system, control this system, validate deterrent criminal sanctions and to create awareness by educating the civils.

We must admit that this can be implemented only with long term decisive and stable policies. In short term, it is more important that how much we learnt from these experiences than how much experience we had related to an issue. In this context, the constantly renewed and developed rules, methods, regulations and laws should be arranged in accordance with the principle to raise the bar all the time and “prevent before paying” concept. However, the concrete improvements will only be possible with education, control, criminal sanctions and social awareness. The law and related regulations for Building Inspection numbered 4708 took effect upon being accepted on 29.06.2001 and was published in Official Gazette on 13.07.2001 and these are issued in order to correct the defects and mistakes in building inspection and controlling issues. There is no doubt that some changes are being made in the law and regulations in the course of time in order to meet the needs and correct the defects that are faced in practice. Yet, all of these are development processes which are the continuation of the first step.

IN-TEK realises its liability on this issue, implements the principle of being objective and reliable, continue to its concrete, building materials and soil mechanics, quality control and laboratory services.

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