IN-TEK Quality Control Project Auditing Consultancy and Trade Inc.

İN-TEK Quality Control Laboratory was established on 12.04.2000 for serving to construction sector in the public and private institutions for controlling concrete, soil and building materials related to laboratory and engineering needs pursuant to Official Gazette 04/10/2000 dated, number 24106 “ Building Inspection Law Decree 595” and started working with the “Competence Certificate Laboratory of the Ministry of Public Works and Settlement, dated 17.05.2001 No. 10”. published in Official Gazette by making the necessary changes according to the regulations on the Qualification Certificate has been renewed on 20/11/2001 according to “No. 24461, 07.13.2001 dated Official Gazette, No. 4708 of Building Inspection and the law under the Law No. 24491 dated 08.12.2001.

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