İN-TEK believes that it has achieved its success, development and improvement goals together with its staff. It is aware that the value-added created is only possible by means of effective, efficient, proper and timely evaluation of human resources. It takes care to ensure that the development, happiness, motivation and future expectations of its co-workers are in consistence with the goals and expectations of the company. İN-TEK knows that success can be strengthened by sharing; vision can develop by sharing; awareness of responsibility can rise through interaction and excellence can be achieved by means of a team that trusts and believes in each other.

İN-TEK is respectful to labor, knowledge and skill. It awards compliance with the basic values adopted, superior ability, high performance and achievements.

The working conditions ensured by İN-TEK are consistent with the national laws of the countries where it carries out activities, the maximum benefit and happiness of employees and the universal human rights. No discrimination in religion, language, race, gender, ethnics and etc. is allowed. Studies are made to support and provide suitable conditions for the improvement and careers of employees. Best efforts are used to create an environment of trust and compatibility.

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